Laura Suckley

Laura Suckley has a BSc in Zoology (Animal Behaviour and Welfare) from the University of Chester and an MSc in Wild Animal Biology. Laura is a seasonal ecologist and has conducted ecological surveys across the UK, Botswana, and the Peruvian Amazon to collect data for scientific publications. She has conducted butterfly surveys, night surveys (for reptiles and amphibians), macaw monitoring, and UK reptile and amphibian surveying and translocation. Additionally, she has worked with local Peruvian communities to manage human-animal conflict and encourage sustainable living. As part of her work in Botswana, Laura conducted camera trap monitoring and habitat management practices including removing alien vegetation and replanting indigenous species, erosion control, and waterhole maintenance. She has also overseen the progression of our Inner City Pond Project through which she was responsible for the creation of three local wildlife ponds and one large community pond in collaboration with local authorities and community groups in the first year.