Chris Englezou

Chris is an aquatic researcher and naturalist primarily interested in freshwater teleosts, crustacea and macrophytes. A specialist in fish nutrition, his background includes the establishment of his own business where he develops specially formulated feeds for ornamental & farmed fish and other aquatic species closely based on their natural diets. His personal research includes the freshwater and coastal habitats on the island of Cyprus and the ecological impacts of unsustainable practices occurring in the Amazon and Orinoco basins; he is also an avid collector and cultivator of rare and endangered rainforest plants.

“There are so many more amazing organisms to be discovered out there in the aquatic habitats of our beautiful planet, but there is equally so much work we need to do to repair the damage we are doing every single day. We need to fast-track the younger generations into a future of sustainability and respect for the natural environment, to a future where they truly understand the crucial role freshwater habitats play in the survival of all species on Earth”. Chris Englezou (Founder of Freshwater Life Project)