Inner City Pond Project

The Aim: To work with local authorities, other organisations, and local communities on new and existing projects to improve the quality and quantity of freshwater habitats available for British wildlife in order to support declining populations (especially threatened species), provide access to natural places for communities, and to help promote improved mental wellbeing through a […]

The search for the last freshwater blenny in Cyprus

The Aim To rehabilitate and restore crucial estuarine, fluvial, and riparian habitats along the Amathos River, complete and island-wide survey to determine the presence or probable extirpation, and complete genetic analysis, so as to establish a captive breeding initiative as part of a comprehensive reintroduction program for the presumed-extinct freshwater blenny, the only native freshwater […]

Help Save the Cyprus Killifish

Aphanius Killifish Akrotiri Cyprus

The Mediterranean Killifish Aphanius fasciatus is known from just three locations on the island of Cyprus, the third was only discovered in late 2015 during a Freshwater Life Project investigation led by founder Chris Englezou. All three known populations of Aphanius in Cyprus are at risk from habitat degradation, waste dumping, construction and development projects, invasive species introductions, water extraction and pollution. We need to act fast to ensure these habitats are protected and secure a future for the Mediterranean Killifish in Cyprus; we desperately need your help before it is too late.