Local rock gig raises £800 for Borneo Endangered Species Campaign!

Over the weekend of 20-21st April, a small local pub in Portsmouth achieved an amazing feat of raising a total of £800 in donations towards our Borneo Endangered Species campaign. The pub, known as The Deco was host to a number of exciting bands including Seething Akira, Cybernetic Witch Cult, BELLIGERENCE, Stray Bullets, Earthborn Kings, Nausicaa, The Divorcée & Bitterman and a very popular […]

Biotope Aquarium Demo | Sat 20th April 19 | Melksham

Location:  Maidenhead Aquatics, Leekes Beanacre Park, Wiltshire, Melksham SN12 8AG Time: Doors open at 9am Fee:  FREE Information:  Maidenhead Aquatics at Melksham will once again host Chris Englezou to conduct a live recreation of a wild habitat from nature in a biotope-correct aquarium; a spectacle not to be missed.

Rebecca goes backstage at the National History Museum | That sucks!

In the run up to Christmas, while everyone else was doing christmassy things like shopping for last minute gifts or buying delicious food for the table, Rebecca Bentley, a volunteer studying molecular and morphological phylogeny of armoured catfishes was rummaging through the fish collection at London’s Natural History Museum in search of Loricariidae, the fancy […]

A critically endangered freshwater mussel from Cyprus?

Over the last five years or so as Freshwater Life Project has begun to implement our long term aim to assess the viability and initiate our program for re-introduction of Salaria fluviatilis to Cyprus, I’ve had a great deal of time to study and understand not only the implications of such a plan, but also about […]

Was the extinct Cypriot Blenny an endemic species?

This year our team have collaborated with the Life Sciences department at the Natural History Museum, London to obtain preserved specimen samples of the Cyprus Freshwater Blenny Salaria fluviatilis and begin the process of trying to determine its phylogenetic origin. Samples of the 110 year old specimens, the only ones in existence, were provided to […]

Salaria on Cyprus? | A search-find survey

The History In 2013, the first investigations began in hope to determine if the ancient population of the Freshwater Blenny Salaria fluviatilis still remains on Cyprus island. The history goes all the way back to 1909 with the culmination of a 4-5 year search resulting in the discovery of the species in just a handful […]

The three habitats of the Cyprus Killifish | Anthropogenic threats

A farmer caught illegally uprooting a road to channel run-off into Akrotiri Lake in 2016

The Cyprus Killifish is now known from three localities on Cyprus island. The research of our team members and their associated institutions has highlighted various different impacts on the respective habitats of these three populations since 2008 and ten years later can quantify and illustrate ongoing issues and important areas of concern where alternative approaches […]