Volunteer Project Coordinator

We’re looking for a volunteer project coordinator to support our growing R.A.R.E species team in delivering a global collaborative initiative to support hobbyist breeders within the aquarium hobby to implement a universal husbandry protocol in line with current zoological standard so that endangered species from the aquarium hobby can be integrated into zoological conservation programs, international community-based breeding projects, and released into protected habitat as part of conservation projects.  You will have access to a supportive team and work towards bridging gaps in the chain to identify communities, and their associated areas of at-risk biodiversity, and work with them to get threatened species into locally-run breeding programs, and released back into the wild, protected, and under sustainable management and ongoing monitoring.

We need an assertive solution-focused individual with good people skills, experience in community engagement or a similar field, and a background in conservation. You will have the ongoing support of leading experts, FLP advisors, zoological institutions, and the R.A.R.E species team, and will be expected to work towards establishing good relationships with local NGOs and local authorities, and other relevant stakeholders to support the development and implementation of our R.A.R.E species strategy.

Submit your interest with a CV to info @