Our Friends

We’re ZSL (Zoological Society of London), an international conservation charity, and our vision is a world where wildlife thrives. We’re working every day to achieve this, through our science, our field conservation around the world and engaging millions of people through our two Zoos, ZSL London and ZSL Whipsnade Zoos.

The Natural History museum combines the museum’s life and earth science collections with specialist expertise in “taxonomy, systematics, biodiversity, natural resources, planetary science, evolution and informatics” to tackle scientific questions

The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) is a governmental research organization situated in Greece that aims to carry out scientific and technological research, and experimental development, especially in the fields of study and protection of the hydrosphere, its organisms, its interface with the atmosphere, the coast, and the sea bottom, the physical, chemical, biological and geological conditions that prevail and regulate the above-mentioned systems

Our vision is the understanding of processes that shape the structure and functioning of water bodies and their biota. Our research findings help to predict responses to environmental change and to develop measures conductive to sustainable water management.

Our aim is to be the leading entity for the preservation of the marine life and its environment. We do this by instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in our visitors and members of staff. We practice what we preach and therefore fully respect the environment throughout our operations. We have also improved the outlook of Qawra point whilst protecting its picturesque natural surroundings.

The international scientific journal CBM-Cahiers de Biologie Marine was founded in 1960 by Professor Georges Teissier, head of the Zoology Department at Sorbonne University (Paris) and director of the “Station Biologique de Roscoff”, a marine laboratory located on the Northern coast of Brittany (France).

Shoal’s vision: A world where all native freshwater species have the conditions needed for them to thrive in their natural habitats, where there is no longer an extinction crisis in the world’s freshwater ecosystems.

The Green Earth Alliance is itself a project. We will empower our members to create a community dedicated to help other projects and nonprofits achieve their goals.

Variety Pack provides consulting, training and advisory services to help organisations worldwide to define, build and scale inclusive cultures that work for all.

We empower young people to make positive change in their community and in their own lives. FYA’s mission is to support disadvantaged young people to gain new skills and experiences by helping them develop projects which address issues they care about, such as community cohesion, drugs, health and employability.

The Cyprus Environment Foundation (CEF) aims to protect and enhance the natural beauty, biodiversity and eco-systems of our beloved island of Cyprus