The Freshwater Life Project was created by a small team of independent researchers with the commitment to protect and preserve inland aquatic habitats all around the world. Our mission is to implement tangible measures to conserve wetlands, lakes, rivers, and other inland aquatic habitats so that we may ensure a healthy future for freshwater biodiversity and ensure freshwater ecosystems thrive well into the future. Our vision is one where human development occurs sustainably with regenerative practices a distinct priority.

Our Mission

Freshwater habitats are under immense pressure as demand for water increases and unsustainable development continues to eradicate habitats at alarming rates. The expansion of towns and cities, the exponential increase in plastic waste, and the unstoppable growth of traditional agriculture continue at a fast pace with no positive end in sight. Freshwater Life Project works to protect important natural aquatic ecosystems from the largest rivers to the smallest lagoons, one by one, help create and restore aquatic habitats, and help improve understanding of the role freshwater biodiversity and ecosystems play in society, for the benefit of human society and wildlife alike.