The Freshwater Life Project was created by a small team of independent researchers in the hope of making real changes to support, protect and preserve aquatic habitats all around the world. The concept aims to implement tangible measures to conserve wetlands, lakes, rivers and other aquatic habitats so that we may protect the future of all types of biodiversity which rely on them and ensure freshwater ecosystems thrive well into the future; our vision is one where human and environmental development occurs sustainably and simultaneously.

Freshwater ecosystems sustain all life on Earth. Help us create a sustainable future for the sake of the communities and the wildlife that depend on them.

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Your support will allow us to keep working towards the conservation of the Cyprus killifish and its habitats


Freshwater Life Project is dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, and as we build our team and expand our network, we welcome people from any race (including colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origin), religion or belief, marital status, pregnancy, and parental stage, gender identity, sex or sexual orientation to help us implement tangible changes with positive impact for freshwater ecosystems and their associated communities within roles at all levels of our activity.
There is a known imbalance in representation within the nature conservation sector that we want to address, and so we actively encourage people from lesser-represented demographics to help us create and open doors to opportunities to own and/or run projects and initiatives that are of significant importance
to them and their local freshwater biodiversity and support us in empowering people and better understanding the complexities faced by communities with less representation in places with urgent need of freshwater conservation action. Whatever your passion, from socio-economic solutions to social media engagement or research, technology, or sustainability, we want to hear from you and help you make a measurable impact on the future of freshwater.


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