The Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild | A fantastic new book!

The latest buzz around the freshwater fish-keeping community has hit social media with a bang in the last few weeks. Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild is a new book written by photographer, artist and passionate aquatic explorer Ivan Mikolji from Carabobo, Venezuela. Based in the Venezuelan Amazon,  Ivan catches outstanding real life images of the wild underwater biodiversity of the rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands in the Orinoco River catchment in a way that few will ever see.

The book is a unique insight into the underwater world of freshwater biotopes of the Orinoco River with over 150 species and their respective profiles, which include habitat name, sympatric species, water parameters and even GPS locations; Ivan presents the reader with an irreplicable insight into the world of Orinoco fishes and their habitats in this unique and magical book.

His artistic eye really brings out the character of the many unique and endemic fishes he encounters and highlights natures beautiful places in such a way that it truly must be seen to be appreciated. Ivan is currently seeking funds for the first run of prints to get this incredible book into the hands of nature lovers all over the globe who have already expressed interest and here’s where it gets even more interesting… You can be a part of this book! Yes, you, reading this article can have your name (or even your company) printed in this book depending on the support you can offer.

If you want to help Ivan publish his work in this classic table-top photo and info book, then please follow this link to find out more or click on the book image below