Lecture: Pterophyllum altum & the other Angelfishes

Moulton Village Hall, Moulton, Newmarket, Suffolk , CB8 8SP

Doors open at 9am

£5 (includes free membership to EACG)

A one hour lecture on Chris Englezou’s experiences going back to the type locality of the true Pterophyllum altum along the rich, clear blackwaters of the Rio Atabapo on the border of Colombia and Venezuela and looking at its habitat, species living in close association or in sympatry and outlining the correct ways to identify the species looking at meristics and morphometrics.


Chris is an aquatic researcher and naturalist primarily interested in freshwater teleosts, crustacea and macrophytes. A specialist in fish nutrition, his background includes the establishment of his own business where he develops specially formulated feeds for ornamental & farmed fish and other aquatic species closely based on their natural diets. His personal research includes the freshwater and coastal habitats on the island of Cyprus and the ecological impacts of unsustainable practices occurring in the Amazon and Orinoco basins; he is also an avid collector and cultivator of rare and endangered rainforest plants.